About Us

Imminent Concepts is a privately owned event marketing company with corporate headquarters located in Toronto. With our experience in the event marketing industry, we are gearing up for expansion into new markets as well as continuously expanding new clients to our portfolio. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional results for our clients. And, in the process we create greater recognition, develop awareness and compassion.

We achieve this through our core values:

1. Respect each other. We operate in a professional and friendly work environment. We are honest and value the diversity of our team by treating everyone with courtesy and respect.

2. Work as team. We work together to accomplish our clients’ goals through cooperation and communication. Each person is recognized as being essential and responsible for our success.

What is our event marketing concept and why does it work?

Event marketing is the single most effective marketing tool for all of our clients. No other strategy can place our clients in direct contact with their targeted demographics. More importantly, the personal nature of face-to-face marketing consistently offers better results than any other form of marketing. This unparalleled opportunity to target and intimately connect with captive, receptive consumers is exactly what Imminent Concepts delivers.

We begin by reserving the very best locations for our clients to reach the best possible results. Our awareness programs run smoothly, efficiently, and – most importantly – effectively, so that thousands of consumers hear our client’s message and become loyal customers.

Imminent Concepts services include:

• Creative event styles
• Public relations on behalf of our clients
• Expert client management
• Reliable, accountable supervision of all on-site events

• We do not conduct any Door to Door, Business to Business, Telemarketing or Flyer Distribution Strategies

Traditional advertising does a great job to show consumers “who & what,” while we teach the “how & why.” We stimulate consumer support by providing non-intrusive channels where they can explore, experience and discuss our clients’ needs.